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Tourniquet Machine

We are highly engaged in providing a wide range of Tourniquet Machine which is a type of medical device that exerts circumferential pressure to a limb to temporarily obstruct venous and arterial circulation in that extremity. The tourniquet system can then prevent blood flow to a limb, resulting in a bloodless field. Tourniquet Machine is now available in some varieties such as Automatic Tourniquet Machine, Digital Automatic Tourniquet Machine, and many more. The goal of a surgical tourniquet tool is to supply and manage pressure in a tourniquet cuff in a safe and accurate manner. This is very effective as well as economical to use. 

Zimmer Automatic Tourniquet Machine

Zimmer Automatic Tourniquet Machine is the machine used for stopping the patients blood flow and also for delivering the minimum amount of tourniquet pressure at a specific time, with a specific cuff, for a specific limb. Zimmer Automatic Tourniquet Machine goes through several quality checks before the final dispatch from our unit.

Digital Automatic Tourniquet Machine

Digital Automatic Tourniquet Machine is a type of machine which is sourced from reputable vendors and is constructed in accordance with industry standards using high-quality components and modern technology under the supervision of skilled personnel. This machine is very easy to install as well as simple to operate. Our Digital Automatic Tourniquet Machine is a medical gadget that applies circumferential pressure to a limb to block a blood artery momentarily. This system requires very low maintenance and replacement costs.    


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