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Skin Stapler

The Skin Stapler revolutionizes wound closure with its Visistat and Slaney variants, crafted from durable steel for precision and reliability. Portable and boasting a new condition, its a medical essential for rapid closure in emergencies and surgeries. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of use, minimizing discomfort for both patients and practitioners. With sterile, disposable cartridges, cross-contamination risks are mitigated. The Skin Staplers versatility extends beyond medical settings, finding utility in veterinary and industrial applications. As a staple (pun intended) in the medical toolkit, it epitomizes efficiency, safety, and innovation, making it indispensable for healthcare professionals and beyond.

Visistat Skin Stapler

  • Type:Other
  • Usage:Hospital
  • Sterilized:Yes
  • Condition:New
Price: 285 INR/Unit

Slaney Skin Stapler

  • Material:Steel
  • Usage:Medical
  • Condition:New
  • Portable:Yes
Price: 280 INR/Piece

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