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Pulse Lavage System

When used in emergency rooms, Pulse Lavage System allows for the rapid and effective evacuation of necrotic tissue, germs, and other foreign debris, resulting in a clean wound site. This system allows surgeons to irrigate, cleanse, and remove general soft tissue and bone debris during major hip and knee joint replacement surgery. Right now, Pulse Lavage System is available in a few ranges like Zimmer Pulse Lavage System, and Medical Pulse Lavage System. This is very cost-effective and can be easily purchased by our eminent customers, at nominal rates, in bulk quantities. This system has single-use, sterilized, and ready to use. This is very safe to use. 

Zimmer Pulse Lavage System

We are a well known supplier of Zimmer Pulse Lavage System in the market. Concurrent suction and irrigation helps to thoroughly remove debris and contaminants without flooding the field. Zimmer Pulse Lavage System is for use in orthopaedic and trauma cases. We offer this after thorough quality checks before the final dispatching.


Medical Pulse Lavage System

Medical Pulse Lavage System is used for removing infectious agents and debris from a wound's surface. This method of wound cleansing is known by various names, such as lavage, jet lavage, mechanical lavage, pulsatile lavage, mechanical irrigation, and high-pressure irrigation. Medical Pulse Lavage System can be availed from us at economical prices.



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