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Medical Bedsheet

Here, we offer Medical Bedsheet which is designed using a high-quality heat transfer technique, which results in a long-lasting print on the fabric. This bedsheet is widely used in hospitals and other medical purposes. Nothing beats cotton bedsheets in the blazing heat and humidity. Cotton it is without a doubt. Currently, Medical Bedsheet is available in a few ranges like Surgical Bedsheet Cover, and Surgical Bedsheet With Pillow. Apart from this, it is made from a natural, clean material that breathes nicely when woven into a bedding set. This is a fantastic product that is both effective and safe to use.

Surgical Bedsheet Cover

We are a profound supplier of Surgical Bedsheet Cover in the market. It is made from soft, non-woven material, which makes it comfortable, hygienic and cost effective bedding. Surgical Bedsheet Cover is ideal for use in medical sector and also in all areas where short stays of frequent bedding changes are required or where laundering is a problem. 

Surgical Bedsheet With Pillow

Surgical Bedsheet With Pillow is widely used to curb the spread of infection and assist in infection control in a hospital setting. The doctor uses the pillow that comes pre-folded and slides under the patient when the patient is up. Surgical Bedsheet With Pillow gives the advantage of relaxing and patient feels comfortable using it. 


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