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Bone Cement

Bone Cement, renowned for its lightweight attributes, is a pivotal component in orthopedic procedures. Used extensively in hospitals and clinics, its portability ensures versatility across diverse medical settings. Crafted with precision, it offers optimal viscosity for easy application and excellent bonding properties. Beyond orthopedics, it finds utility in dentistry for securing implants and prosthetics. Its quick setting time minimizes procedure durations, enhancing patient comfort and surgical efficiency. With low risk of rejection and compatibility with bone tissue, it promotes swift healing and long-term stability. Bone Cement stands as a cornerstone in orthopedic care, embodying innovation and reliability in every application.

Palacos Bone Cement

  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Color:White
  • Use:Hospital, Clinic etc.
Price: 2100 INR/Piece

Palacos Bone Cements

  • Attributes:Light in Weight
  • Portable:Yes
  • Usage:Hospital,Clinic
  • Type:Palacos Bone Cements
Price: 1500 INR/Piece

Bone Graft Granules

  • Type:Bone Graft Granules
  • Material:Other
  • Portable:Yes
Price: 3600 INR/Piece

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