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Gynecology And Cesarean Drapes

Here, Gynecology Cesarean Drapes of the highest quality are available from us. We send these products after a thorough quality check and with high-quality packaging that complies with international standards. They provide for effective fluid collection with simple clean-up and disposal while limiting the risk of blood and body fluids coming into contact with workers and patients. Right now, Gynecology Cesarean Drapes are available in a few ranges like 160x250 Cm Cesarean Drape, and 160x250 Cm Cesarean Drape. These products are made with high-quality raw materials, under the supervision of our skilled professionals. For obstetrics, gynecology, and C-Section procedures, we supply superior draping products that provide optimal fluid control.  

160x250 Cm Cesarean Drape


160x250 Cm Cesarean Drape

Over the years of dedication, we have been a respected supplier of 160x250 Cm Cesarean Drape in the market. It is a disposable surgical drape that is used in the cesarean surgery operation. 160x250 Cm Cesarean Drape covers the area of the operation, and provides a self-adhesive square open with integrated incise film.


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